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  • Chicken and the Egg
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This coming year...

Welcome to the new year.  Lots lined up starting with a special offer of 20% discount on Jimmy Lawlor Limited Edition Prints - always good for a chuckle. 

If you would like to practice your drawing skills and appreciate the male form in order to do so - your luck is in!  We have two sets of Life Drawing Classes starting on January 25th.  

One of our gallery favourites will be back in April - Jonathan Shearer - with an exhibition of his new work and the offer of workshops.  

At present our opening hours have changed.  We are now open from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm Thursday to Saturday.  If you need assistance on any occasion that the gallery is closed, don't hesitate to call the mobile numbers - we are only 5 mins away from helping you!

Don't forget, you can always purchase on line through the website!

07708 180 991

07708 257 977