• Teapot with Fruit
  • White lilies
  • Camels kinky boots


We are delighted to be showing work by Gordon Bryce RSA  RSW.

Our first exhibition of 2015 will be starting on March 7th  with Marion Drummond and Morag Muir, be sure to put it in your diary!

Marion Drummond

"I used to paint with a knife but now tend to work quickly with fingers and rags, a method I adopted for working on life. I sculpt the paint, feeling my way and mixing on the board for speed and spontaneity and, whilst I am aware that the paint is toxic, I cannot feel anything like the same excitement when working with brushes."

Morag Muir

"Muir is a remarkably prolific artist who has demonstrated over the past 30 years her dedication to art. My awareness of Muir’s work began a few decades ago when I saw her pieces on the walls of the local Turkish art collector and restaurant owner Zeki Agacan. I was intrigued by the bold maturity of her early compositions and the allure of her more recent work, as well as her dedication to painting."