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Curious and Cautionary Tails

'Curious and Cautionary Tails'  A show of new works by Barbara Franc using a diverse range of materials from recycled objects and metals to fabrics and clay.

The pieces are a celebration of animal forms with inspiration taken from 'Old Wives Tales' and sayings gathered from all over the World that use animals to illustrate cautionary proverbs.

From the French ' In the dark all cats look grey' to the wonderful Polish expression for walking away from a situation, 'Not my Circus, not my Monkey', there is a wealth of wonderful sayings and proverbs to delight the imagination.

Including a selection of new animal based work from  Annette Bird, Bernadette Levoir, Mhairi Corr, Olivia Brown Scott Mackie ,Val Thomson, and quirky animal prints by Jimmy Lawlor